What are the cheats in the CS:GO

Cheats for CS: GO are very diverse. There are both auto-aiming (Aimbot), auto-shot (TriggerBot), X-ray (WallHack), as well as smaller and more useful cheats, such as RadarHack, which reveals the enemy’s location on the radar, or auto-strafe, file-clogs and much more. In most cases, all these functions are combined in multi-hacks, where players can conveniently configure them for themselves without the need to update each separately.

What are the cheats in CS GO

Aim for COP: GO

The task of aimbot is to aim the player’s sight at the enemy. Such cheats are capable of doing this in a split second. Moreover, it is possible to choose specific parts of the body, as well as adjust the necessary parameters to help simulate the "naturalness" of aiming. Aimbot is divided into two subcategories: Rage and Legit, which differ in the degree of their "rigidity".

VC for COP: GO

BX or WallHack - cheat, shows the location of the enemy, outlines it with a frame, or highlights the model. Including through the walls. This type of cheat has a huge number of settings, the player can choose the colors of the backlight, the level of information (the amount of remaining health at the target), and even the distance with which the BX will begin to work, so as not to give out itself.

Rage for KS GO (twist)

Rage is the most powerful version of the aimbot, capable of delivering well-aimed hits to the opponent’s head in any position and place. Instantly. This is the legendary “twister”, with which you can bring rustle on a regular server, albeit not for long. This cheat is also used for games on special servers, where its owners compete with each other and test various parameters.

Legitimate cheats for the COP: GO

Legitimate cheats are designed for games in the ranking and are weak aim and simple BX for improved detection of the enemy. It is difficult to detect these cheats, this is their main advantage, since they give a skillful player a very significant increase in accuracy, and most importantly - knowledge about the enemy’s location. This is ideal for calibration and games with a Prime account.


ESP is a type of VX that gives better visibility to models due to their bright illumination. Thus, the enemy will be perfectly visible regardless of the distance, which gives a very big advantage compared to the usual VX, and also looks beautiful, which is why many multihacks try to include the current ESP.

Trigger bot for COP: GO

TriggerBot automatically shoots for the player when the enemy hits the crosshair of the sight. It is distinguished by the presence of a huge number of settings, starting from the reaction time, ending with the threshold of minimum damage at which a shot will be fired. Replaying the owner of a triggerbot in a duel is almost impossible, because he just needs to aim his enemy in order to commit a murder.

Private cheats

The best way to download cheats on CS GO without viruses is to buy a private cheat. They are distinguished by wide functionality, sometimes a more simplified implementation and launch procedure. Entire teams work on them, which provide timely update of the cheat and its technical support. Also, most often it is the composition of private cheats that includes Rage, as well as the most useful features. As a distribution model, a subscription is usually chosen when players need to make a monthly payment. Often such cheats even have their own official website, where you can get all the information.

Free cheats

Free cheat for COP: GO - a rare beast, especially safe. Fortunately for many, most private cheats sooner or later acquire free versions that are just a little less convenient to use, but also make it easy to bend enemies into the steering wheel. Most often, free cheats have legit settings and are great for playing in the ranking. The only thing is that they do not always have automatic updates, which is why the player will need to regularly check for their availability.

How to download cheats in CS GO

How to download cheats for CS: GO

To download cheats for CS: GO without viruses , just follow the basic rules - listen to other players and use trusted sources. It is worth considering immediately that viruses are often inserted into completely free cheats. While private versions usually value reputation and do not do this, including in their own free cheats.

Cheats for CS: GO are available almost everywhere. The main thing is to be able to choose the suitable option that suits the functionality. Free cheats are often used to raise new accounts in the ranking, while private cheats with their more advanced software can already be used for any purpose.