Multihack cheat for CS:GO

All cheats you use at your own risk. We do not give any guarantee to bypass the VAC ban account, as the anti-cheat in CS: GO is constantly updated and new algorithms appear. We try to update cheats regularly to circumvent new anti-cheat algorithms.

Cheat updated: 21-02-2020, 21:20
Multihack for CS: GO - a whole set of useful cheats, including aim, WH, triggerbot, backtracking and many others. This multi hack is based on the popular Osiris and has all its advantages. Thanks to this, the player receives not only a powerful cheat, but also may not be afraid of VAC locks, since the cheat will regularly receive updates and, while maintaining the current version of the software, you can safely play. The versatility of this multihack has already earned him some fame among the community. And the more active users there are, the faster the development and addition of new functions, as well as various technical fixes, which will make using the cheat more enjoyable.

What is multihack for KS: GO?

Multihack includes a whole set of cheats. Combining this with easy injection and customization, this approach greatly simplifies the life of the final user, who no longer needs to independently integrate several types of software into the game, thereby reducing his stealth before anti-cheat.

This multi cheat for COP: GO is a great example. Here are the most popular cheats that have been technically improved and have received a huge number of customizable parameters, which allows you to use multihack for both legitimate games and HvH servers, where all players use RageBot, which can bring a lot of fun with the right settings.

In addition to, in fact, cheats, various visual improvements can also be included in a multi-hack. Like SkinChanger, which allows you to change any standard skin to something else, for example, a player can thus easily get AWP Dragon Lore, or something similar in rarity and cost, and completely free. You can also come across other useful changes, such as deleting hand models, disabling post-processing to improve performance, turning off smoke and dazzling effects (partial reduction is possible), there are animated clan tags, brightness control and visual feedback. All of the above is in this multihack, also it has many other improvements. Based on this, it is possible to understand that multihack for KS: GO is a great way not only to gain an advantage over an opponent, but also to make the technical side of the game better

Multihacks also support easy deployment of configs,

Multihack cheat for CS: GO

Multihack Features for CS: GO

Multihack has a large number of customizable features that make it universal. So, what is in this software:

  • AimBot - help in aiming, there are also various settings options;
  • TriggerBot - automatic shooting when the enemy hits the crosshair of the sight;
  • ESP - highlights model players, and they can change their color depending on the level of health;
  • WH - has several types of strokes with the display of the level of armor and health of the enemy, if you wish, you can adjust a huge number of parameters in the settings.
  • SkinChanger - the ability to change skins, glue stickers and so on.
In addition, the multi-hack is equipped with a large number of small options: like turning on the sight when playing sniper rifles, or auto-jumping, as well as turning off blur, autostrain, automatic reloading of weapons, displaying bombs and much more.

Launch instruction

It is necessary:

  1. Download multihack for KS: GO in the archive and unzip it.
  2. Launch CS: GO.
  3. Open the injector.exe file .
  4. In the window that appears, enter the name of the dll file that was in the archive.
  5. Press the Enter key.
Done. A special window will inform about the successful integration of the cheat into the game.


To invoke the menu, use the Insert key. Aimbot and triggerbot can be assigned to certain keys, for this you need to click on the [On Key] checkbox, and then assign the desired button.