ExtrimHack cheat for CS:GO

All cheats you use at your own risk. We do not give any guarantee to bypass the VAC ban account, as the anti-cheat in CS: GO is constantly updated and new algorithms appear. We try to update cheats regularly to circumvent new anti-cheat algorithms.

Cheat updated: Today, 15:38
ExtrimHack is a convenient and multi-functional multi-hack, extremely popular among other similar cheats, because the development team was able to implement all the main functions at the highest level. Here, players can find a quality aimbot, trigger boat, BX, Bhop, and it’s completely free. Cheat is not detected by VAC, so you should not be afraid of bans. Also, an excellent system for configuring all the functions for you is implemented, so for this multihack there are many configs, mainly for a legitimate game. Thanks to this, you can not waste your time, but immediately begin to conquer the top of the rating. Cheat Russified.

ExtrimHack cheat for CS: GO

Functions cheat Extreme hack for the COP: GO

Free Extreme Hack CS: GO got everything you need for a comfortable game, as well as circumvention of anti-cheat and patrol. The main functions that are present in the multihack:

  • AimBot. Automatically aims the enemy. Support is directed to certain parts of the body, such as the head, abdomen or specific limbs, at the player’s choice.
  • TriggerBot. Automatically shoots at the enemy when aiming.
  • WallHack. Allows you to see rivals through the walls. There are additional options, such as displaying current health and armor for targets.
  • SkinChanger. It allows you to change the skins of gloves and a knife. An extended version of this function is in the private version, where changing skins is available for any weapon.
In addition, in the multihack there are many other functions that can help during the game, such as anti-glare familiar to everyone and others.

Installation Instructions

To successfully install and run multihack, you must:

  1. Download Extreme Hack for KS: GO .
  2. Run ExtrimeHack.exe .
  3. Click " Run Cheat ".
  4. Run the game.
After that, the cheat will be automatically introduced into the game and will become available for settings and a full game. It remains only to make settings and bring all the parameters to the desired. You can also use configuration files from other players if you do not want to configure everything yourself.

You can install another config as follows:

  1. Download the desired .cfg file.
  2. Press Win + R.
  3. Enter% appdata% in the window that appears.
  4. Go to the ExtrimHack folder.
  5. Copy the config into it.
Important! The folder appears only after the first launch of the multihack, so before that it will not be displayed.


To open the cheat menu, use the Insert key or Shift + F5. On them, the menu also collapses. Depending on the configuration used, the keys for functions may be reassigned. Most functions are activated directly in the menu and do not require separate keys for operation. The player just needs to set the necessary parameters.

If the cheat does not work

Having decided to download ExtrimHack for KS: GO , you may encounter various problems, because of which the cheat will refuse to start. Most of them can be solved fairly quickly, by updating system components, or by disabling system protection tools that often block multihack processes. More details on the most common errors below.

Error: Error oxc0000225 Solution: The problem is solved by installing the Microsoft Visual C ++ redistributable package. You can download it from the link to the official Microsoft website. To start the download, click on the “Download” button, then open the downloaded installer and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. You may also need to disable antivirus and Windows Defender. And, if in the first case, it’s enough to enter the name of your antivirus into the search to find out how to turn it off, then with Windows Defender it's a little more complicated. The most complete shutdown instruction is here.

Error: MSVCP140.dll Solution: install Microsoft Visual C ++; disable Windows Defender and antivirus (links to instructions are given above). After that, the cheat should earn.

Error: “Cannot find ....”, “Windows cannot access” Solution: Disable antivirus and Windows Defender.

Error: Unable to run this application on your PC Solution: disable Smart Screen - instructions; disable antivirus and Windows Defender; run cheat only as administrator.

Error: Access to the specified device, path or file is denied. (Windows 7) Solution: disable Windows Defender - instructions; disable antivirus; run cheat only as administrator.

Error: The version of this file is incompatible with the version of Windows used (Windows 7) Solution: disable Windows Defender - instructions; disable antivirus; run Extreme Hack CS: GO on behalf of the administrator. If absolutely nothing helps with any of the listed problems, restoring to factory settings can help, this function was introduced in Windows 10. In earlier versions, you should try to perform a normal recovery or reinstall the system completely, which also helps in rare cases. Naturally, do not forget about updating all software packages and DirectX so that the cheat and game can work fine.