ESP cheat for CS:GO

All cheats you use at your own risk. We do not give any guarantee to bypass the VAC ban account, as the anti-cheat in CS: GO is constantly updated and new algorithms appear. We try to update cheats regularly to circumvent new anti-cheat algorithms.
ESP for CS: GO - a high-quality WallHack that gives highlighting to player models and has a nice design, due to which it is often included in various multi-hacks. The cheat itself has flexible settings for all types of weapons. Thanks to the bright illumination of enemies, it will become much easier to detect if they decide to hide in the shadows at a great distance. Also, with the help of an enemy cheat, you can also notice behind the wall, which will help in a critical round. Since the cheat is not private, it is possible to get a VAC for its use, while it will not work in the “Danger Zone” mode. Download ESP for CS: GO can be both to gain an advantage over the opponent, and to confront other cheaters if they begin to openly break the rules of the game, and you do not want to lose the match.

ESP cheat for CS: GO

ESP cheat functions for CS: GO

ESP is an improved version of WH that uses square or other shapes to circle player models. The player does not receive information about the opponent’s health level, but with the enemy’s backlighting, it’s easier to spot anywhere. It also makes it easier to target opponents in difficult places. GO ESP has very flexible settings for the ESP function (up to the settings of certain types of weapons). Also software allows you to use configs.

Launch instruction

In order for the CAP for CS: GO, you will first need to inject it, so before that you need to download the injector. The launch instructions are as follows:

  1. Download ESP for COP: GO and unzip it;
  2. Start the game;
  3. Inject cheat.
After that, the cheat will start working. The menu can be called up by the Insert key, where fine-tuning of most of its parameters will be available.


Insert - call up the menu.