Cheat "BX" for CS:GO

All cheats you use at your own risk. We do not give any guarantee to bypass the VAC ban account, as the anti-cheat in CS: GO is constantly updated and new algorithms appear. We try to update cheats regularly to circumvent new anti-cheat algorithms.

Cheat updated: Today, 15:38
If you are looking for a top-notch input for CS: GO , then you have come to the right address. With the help of this cheat, you can always keep abreast of the actions of the enemy team, look for vulnerabilities in their positions and much more. This is a universal cheat that gives not only useful information, but also helps to aim. Since a good aimbot is built into it, it can greatly help in a legitimate game and not only. If necessary, the player can reconfigure the cheat as desired. And even completely adjust it for yourself using configs. Using BX is the easiest way to increase your rating and power in matches against more powerful opponents. However, it is not detected by VAC, which makes the ban chance to a minimum.

What is BX in COP: GO?

Each player must have faced a situation where the enemy seemed to always know his whereabouts and no flanking maneuvers help here. Ambushes fail, despite ingenuity, and attempts to abruptly jump around the corner are instantly stopped by a well-aimed shot to the head. This is exactly how VX works, helping its owner detect and then destroy the enemy, depending on the settings that are set.

Valhak for CS: GO or WallHack - a program that highlights or surrounds with a special frame model players. They become visible everywhere, including behind the walls. This allows you to easily and simply stop any attempts by the enemy to maneuver, set up an ambush or banally avoid a battle. For an experienced player, this cheat provides a very big advantage, making it easy to win even hopeless rounds. By itself, this cheat easily bypasses VAC and, if used correctly, the player may not open up even if the demo is sent to patrol. In some cases, the cheat allows you to adjust the distance to display the backlight of models, which allows you not to be distracted by distant enemies, but only respond to those in the immediate vicinity, behind the wall, for example.

That is why almost all multi-hacks include various variations of WH, since the usefulness of this cheat is very difficult to overestimate. And it is not surprising that VX became one of the most popular cheats among all known types, since it must be used in a legitimate game and with other, less secretive settings. It allows you to win, practically without showing that the player uses a kind of “dope” in the match, revealing the location of his opponents. At the same time, no one bothers the gamer to help teammates with information and, with the right presentation, it becomes even easier to win.

Cheat "BX" for CS: GO

All WH cheat features for CS: GO

In addition to the BX function, there are other types of cheats in the program. WallHack for COP: GO has a whole range of functions for a successful game. The player is only required to customize them for themselves. So, the main set of functions:

  • AimBot - automatic guidance, includes various settings that will allow you to determine the intricacies of the cheat so that the player has the opportunity to bring him under the legitimate game for which he was intended;
  • WallHack - sets the enemy’s backlight, because of which he becomes visible at any distance, behind walls and obstacles, the player can also set the display of health and armor residues, which will better calculate the outcome of a potential collision;
  • TriggerBot - automatically shoots when the sight passes over the model of the enemy, and has many configurable parameters that should make the shooting process more like a human, not a software;
  • SkinChanger - allows you to change the skins of any weapon, at the player’s choice, provides absolutely all the skins that exist in the game, even the rarest ones, but they won’t be visible to the rest.
With so many features, the cheat is easy to configure, has a Russian interface and a nice design that is easy to interact with.

Launch instruction

To start VX, you must first turn off the antivirus, as well as additional protection tools, such as Windows Defender, otherwise they can interfere greatly by simply deleting files.

So, to start the cheat you will need to do the following:

  1. Close Steam and CS: GO. It is advisable to open the task manager and make sure that their processes are not listed.
  2. Run the ExtrimeHack.exe file .
  3. Launch CS: GO.
  4. Press Insert , go to the “ Wallhack ” section and activate BX.
  5. Other cheats can be turned off and only BX left.
Done! BX on COP: GO can be used. The cheat automatically bypasses the blocking system, so do not be afraid of a ban. It is only necessary to periodically check for updates, since the availability of the latest version saves you from guaranteed punishment.

How to download VX for CS: GO

Download VX for COP: GO is simple. You just need to click on the “Download file” button and download the archive. You may also need to enter a password for it.